Andrés Sánchez Brenes


  • Researcher, Technological Development Section, Industrial Division, Clodomiro Picado Institute, University of Costa Rica.
  • M. Eng. in Industrial Production, Technological Institute of Costa Rica, 2013. 
  • B.S. in Biotechnology Engineering, Technological Institute of Costa Rica, 2006. 

In 2013 Andrés Sánchez joined the Technological Development Section (SEDETEC) of the CPI. The projects in this section focus on the improvement of the production process of antivenoms and the development of new products. In the framework of antivenom production, the researches focus in the biochemical and toxicological characterization of snake venoms, the characterization of antivenoms and the improvement of the production process. In the area of new product development, the research focuses in developing antitoxins and human plasma derivatives; these researches look to design methodologies and evaluate their scalability on a pilot level.   

Publicaciones representativas de sus intereses de investigación

  • A. Sánchez, J. Coto, A. Segura, M. Vargas, G. Solano, M. Herrera, M. Villalta, R. Estrada, J.M.  Gutiérrez, G. León. 2015. Effect of geographical variation of Echis ocellatus, Naja nigricollis and Bitis arietans venoms on their neutralization by homologous and heterologous antivenoms. Toxicon 108, 80-83.