Presentation - Production

The research dynamics at Clodomiro Picado Institute are reflected in the prolific and recognized development and production of antivenoms for human use, a process that has been one of the main activities of the CPI since its conception. Today, the CPI is the only producer of therapeutic antivenoms in Central America and Panama. 

In the decade of the seventies, the CPI produced an amount of antivenom that was enough to supply the needs of Costa Rica; however, since its consolidation, the intention was to help solve this problem in the rest of Central America. Preclinical studies carried out at the CPI demonstrated that antivenoms produced in Costa Rica are efficient enough to neutralize the venom from snakes found in the whole Central American region. 

Constant technological improvements have helped increase production, which has allowed the CPI to supply the antivenoms needed to satisfy the demand of these medicinal products in Central America. In 1996 this task granted the institute the denomination of regional reference center in matters of ophidism by the networks of health ministries in Central American countries. The success achieved in the region opened doors for the cooperation with countries in South America; so, today antivenoms are distributed to Ecuador, and in case of emergency, to Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru.

Envenomings from snakebites are also relevant in veterinary medicine because they affect both minor (cats and dogs) and larger species (bovine, equine), causing a high economic impact in Latin American countries. The CPI is one of the few laboratories around the world that produces antivenom for veterinary use; which is distributed to veterinary pharmacies around the country and has proven to be effective and safe to treat these envenomings. 

In the manufacture process of the CPI, the information needed to provide feedback for the design of both, the products and the processes through which these are obtained, is generated by statistical analyses of the performance of each process, together with laboratory essays, field tests, and clinical studies. Creativity and innovation are the main tools used to quicken this cycle of continuous improvement.

The Industrial Division of the Institute is in charge of producing the antivenoms and antitoxins used in Costa Rica and the rest of Central America. It is formed by the following sections: