Presentation - Teaching

With over four decades of existence, one of the accomplishments the Clodomiro Picado Institute can claim is the effective link between its research dynamics, the production of antivenom serums, and the academy. By being a part of the University of Costa Rica, its researchers contribute to the evolution of knowledge, and at the same time, help disseminate this knowledge in university classrooms.  

Researchers from the CPI also teach in graduate and postgraduate courses of the University of Costa Rica.

On a graduate level, this participation includes activities in courses of the Microbiology and Clinical Chemistry program, as well as other programs in the areas of health and natural sciences. The graduate teaching contribution also includes tutorships and counseling for licentiate thesis projects and final graduation projects.

In the case of postgraduate studies, the teachers from the Institute participate in different programs of the Postgraduate Study System of the University of Costa Rica, as both professors in courses, and tutors in Master's and Doctorate thesis projects.

An important part of the scientific-technological research at the CPI is done by graduate and postgraduate students who are research assistants or are writing their thesis projects. The Institute also contributes to the education of students from other countries doing internships at the CPI laboratories or developing part of their research projects, which are directly related to the scientific-technological activities of the CPI.