Philosophical framework


Help solve the problem of envenoming by poisonous animals in Costa Rica and other countries, as well contribute to the scientific-technological development in the country through a group effort that involves research, teaching, social action and production activities.


Be an international leading institution on the study, prevention, and manufacture of therapeutic products against envenomings by poisonous animals, maintaining high quality, innovating, and diversifying the research, teaching, social action, and production activities.

Institutional Values

  • Social Responsibility: Help improve quality of life by encouraging equity and solving problems that affect the most vulnerable sectors of the population.

  • Excellence: Behavior that allows us to perform our work with high levels of quality in order to attain leadership and the constant perfection of our tasks.
  • Synergy: Joint effort of people and work teams, making use of individual talents and working together to achieve the objectives of the Institution.
  • Commitment: Attitude to deliver the promises, the agreements or the obligations of the professional performance, correctly implementing the mandated activities.
  • Communication: Openness and disposition to dialogue and transmit ideas, information or knowledge in a clear and direct manner, procuring an assertive human interaction.
  • Respect: Accepting and appreciating the people, their ideas and feelings, helping us to be tolerant and cordial towards them, and to rise above the ideological differences, or any kind of differences.
  • Honesty: Act in a loyal, transparent, and truthful way, doing our best efforts in benefit of the institution.