Counsel for Biotechnological Processes

As part of the technological development and the experience gained throughout more than four decades, the Clodomiro Picado Institute offers counseling services for the design and development of different production processes in the biotechnological industry. The service is organized in the Technological Development Section (SEDETEC, for its acronym in Spanish), and is offered to the (bio) pharmaceutical, food, and agricultural and livestock industries, among others. The service is also offered to independent people or professionals who need to assess the performance of some of their products. 


The services available for industries are:  

  • Development of lyophilization methods and lyophilized biopharmaceutical/biotechnological products.
  • Designs for primary and secondary protein purification through different methodologies at a laboratory scale. 
  • Scaling of processes and equipment related to primary and secondary protein purification.
  • Design of chromatographic processes to obtain high purity proteins.
  • Management and standardization of working conditions for different filtration devices during the production processes: in-depth filtration, diafiltration, microfiltration, and ultrafiltration in tangential flow.
  • Production of purified water.
  • Assessment of adjuvants and immunomodulators on the immune response of different animal models.
  • Design of immune immunoenzymatic techniques for the titration of antibodies against different antigens.
  • Handling and use of Bioreactors to produce aerobic and anaerobic organisms in controlled conditions.
  • Design of lyophilized and liquid protein stability tests for therapeutic use.
  • Toxicity studies 
  • Determination of antivenom neutralizing profiles for different toxic activities of snake venoms.


The counseling aims to have a positive impact on the customers, so the benefits can be maximized in terms of safety, effectiveness, and efficacy of the assessed products and processes.