First Aid

What to do in case of snakebite?

  • Calm the person down and lay them on the floor.
  • Clean the bitten area with disinfectant soap.
  • Remove the tourniquet (if any).
  • Keep the person well hydrated.
  • Immobilize the bitten extremity.
  • And most importantly: take the patient immediately to the nearest hospital or health center so they can be administered the antivenom serum as soon as possible.

What should NOT be done in case of snakebite?

  • Do NOT cut the site of the bite; there is a higher risk of infection or bleeding.
  • Do NOT make any tourniquets. Tourniquets stop blood flow, causing damage to the muscle tissue.
  • Do NOT place cold compresses, they could worsen the local lesions caused by the venom, especially bites by species from the pitviper family.
  • Do NOT administer any chemical substance or plant/animal extracts by any route to the patient, so far their efficacy has not been scientifically proven and the time lost trying to use these types of treatments is counterproductive for the affected person.
  • Do NOT administer alcoholic beverages.
  • Do NOT suck out venom with your mouth. This could favor infections in the site of the bite.

Hospital Treatment in Case of Venomous Snakebites

  • It is not necessary to take the snake to the hospital to be identified, the medical personnel will determine which treatment to administer based on the signs and symptoms of the patients.
  • If the snake that caused the bite is a coral snake (Elapidae family), THE MEDICAL PERSONNEL WILL ADMINISTER AN ANTICORAL SERUM.
  • If the snake that caused the bite belongs to the Viperidae family, THE MEDICAL PERSONNEL WILL ADMINISTER A POLIVALENT SERUM.