International Cooperation

The work at Clodomiro Picado Institute (CPI) has involved continuous and growing international cooperation. This cooperation focused on research, production, and distribution of antivenoms and in the counseling for international groups related to this subject. 

The scientific-technological research at the CPI has been consolidated and enriched by the establishment of an extensive network of collaborations with academic groups and researchers from countries in all continents. This prolific cooperation network has allowed the CPI to address highly ambitious and state-of-the-art research subjects, by gaining access to scientific and technological resources that are not available in the country. These academic connections have also allowed researchers at the CPI, as well as graduate and postgraduate students, to train in academic centers of excellence from different countries; and also, the CPI has been a support for students and professionals from abroad, who have done projects, trainings, and their postgraduate studies in the laboratories of the Institute. 

As a result of the aforementioned networks the areas of antivenom production and quality control have also been favored by this international cooperation, especially in Latin America but also in other continents. The list of publications from the CPI clearly illustrates this broad international cooperation approach by including a large number of co-authors from institutions in other countries.    

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