Bothriechis supraciliaris

Nombre científico: Bothriechis supraciliaris

Familia: Viperidae Family

Nombre común: Blotched palm-pit viper

Small snake, the adults are usually 50 - 60 cm long. Its body is thin or moderately robust, with a large, wide head, well differentiated from the neck. The head has 1 to 3 (usually 2) prominent scales above the eyes, which are smaller than then ones of the Bothriechis schlegelii. Its body color varies, but has no secondary pigmentation, and it has a series of well-designed polymorph designs which vary from light or dark brown to reddish or light olive green.

Terrestrial and arboreal, it is active mainly at twilight and night time; its diet is very similar to that of the B. schlegelii, it eats mainly small rodents, but its diet is not very well known. Viviparous, and a relatively uncommon species.

Endemic to Costa Rica, found only in areas of moderate elevation in tropical and subtropical rainforests in Valle del General, and the Coto Brus high plateau, in the provinces of San Jose and Puntarenas, respectively, in the southwest Pacific from 800 to 1700 m of altitude.

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