Porthidium ophryomegas

Nombre científico: Porthidium ophryomegas

Familia: Viperidae Family

Nombre común: slender hognoser viper

Small or medium-sized snake, with a maximum length of 80 cm, but the average size is 50 to 60 cm. Relatively thin body, well differentiated head, with pointy snout (seen dorsally) and short tail. The dorsal scales are keeled and have a brown or light gray dorsal color with a series of patterns along the sides of a lighter colored thin vertebral line.

 A relatively common species, found mainly in the plains of dry forests, and in marginal areas of deciduous forests: coastal vegetation, primary and secondary forests, perturbed areas, and rocky zones in the Pacific. It can be found from Guatemala to Costa Rica, where it can be found mainly from the north Pacific to the borders of the Central plateau.

Es una especie relativamente común, se encuentra en llanuras de bosque seco y en ambientes marginales de bosques caducifolios: vegetación costera, bosques primarios y secundarios, áreas perturbadas y zonas rocosas en el Pacífico. Se distribuye desde Guatemala hasta Costa Rica, donde se le encuentra desde el Pacífico Norte hasta las márgenes de la meseta Central.

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