CPI-UCR: 50 Years Saving Lives from Snakebite Envenoming

  • The Clodomiro Picado Institute contributes to the opportune treatment of patients who suffer from snakebite envenomings in Costa Rica and around the world.

Jenniffer Jiménez Córdoba, Journalist of the Divulgation and Information Office

Fuente: Costa Rica University

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During her speech, the vice president of the Republic, Ana Helena Chacón, acknowledged the contributions of the first scientists in charge of the Antiophidic Serum Production Program, and recognized them as “people committed to the right to health of vulnerable populations, and who had the courage to go forward in spite of the adversities”.

The Clodomiro Picado Institute celebrated the 50th anniversary of the production of its first batch of antiophidic serum with an activity that included the participation of Mrs. Ana Helena Chacón, vice president of the Republic and Dr. Henning Jensen Pennington, rector of the UCR, university authorities, workers of the CPI, and several former workers of the Institute, who remembered the production process of serums with the conditions available in the past.

“Since its origins, the ICP-UCR approached the problem of ophidic envenoming through a strategy that combines production activities with scientific and technological research, as well as teaching, medical personnel training, and social extension for communities at risk. The collective sense of a whole work group, as well as the search for continuous excellence and improvement have defined the identity of the CPI”, stated Dr. Alberto Alape Girón, director of the Institute.