Micrurus nigrocinctus

Nombre científico: Micrurus nigrocinctus

Familia: Elapidae family

Nombre común: Central American coral snake

Small to medium-sized snake that can grow up to 115 cm, although the average length of the adults is between 50 and -75 cm.  Relatively robust body with a medium sized head, not very differentiated from the body. The coral snake has three colors: full rings that follow the sequence red-cream-black-cream.  The red ring is slightly wider than the black one. The cream-colored ring can be substituted by white or light yellow shades. 

It can be found in premontane plains and forests.  A snake commonly found in pastures, coffee plantations, abandoned plots, and house gardens. Ophiophagus snake, meaning it feeds of other snakes and river eels. It can be found from Mexico to the north of Colombia. In our country it is common in the Central Plateau, even in the cities of San Jose and Heredia, as well as along the Pacific slope, from sea level to 2000 m of altitude.

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