Porthidium porrasi

Nombre científico: Porthidium porrasi

Familia: Viperidae Family

Nombre común: white-tailed hognose viper

Small snake, its maximum length known is 50 cm. The body is moderately robust, with a large, broad head well differentiated from the neck. It has long and high internasal scales, separated by a single scale, the rostral scale is notably high, resembling a small horn. The end of the tail is white, cream or yellowish, in both juveniles and adults.

Terrestrial, active at twilight and night. Just like Porthidium nasutum, it tends to remain hidden under the fallen leaves or between large tree roots. Its eating habits are unknown; it probably eats lizards, frogs, and rodents. Its reproduction is viviparous and it is not very abundant.

Endemic to Costa Rica, it can be found in tropical rainforests from the Osa Peninsula and adjoining areas, south of the province of Puntarenas, from sea level to 200 m of altitude.

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